Tuesday, 26 June 2018

#RhylBeachClean this Friday evening!

We have another #RhylBeachClean planned - this coming Friday evening, 29th June. 

Meet us outside the SeaQuarium 6pm onwards, to sign in and get safety briefed. 

We intend to sweep both ways along the beach before finishing at the Kite Surf Cafe where Simon and Jay will be behind the bar and ready to serve you!

The weather forecast is looking good, so there should be an amazing #RhylSunset (around 9.40pm) for us to get a group photo of.

Sunset, Rhyl Beach, 25 Jun 18

If you are able to join us that would be amazing!

If not, don't worry, sign up for the #PlasticFreeJuly challenge or check out our website www.plasticfreerhyl.co.uk or follow us on twitter @plasticfreerhyl 

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