Friday, 27 July 2018

Sorry, a bit last minute, but anyone fancy a flash mob style beach clean early Sunday evening?

This is our East beach, down by the theatre and Kite Surf centre and cafe. The photo was taken early this morning, Friday, 27th July.
It looks beautiful, amazing and pristine.
But. In the space of 75 metres, I counted almost 100 small bits of rubbish, both visitor-type and marine-type.
So I'm going to turn up at the Kite Surf Cafe at 6pm on Sunday, when the tide will be out, the rain will hopefully have subsided, and most folk will have vacated the beach and do a quick beach clean.
Simon has very kindly agreed to stay open a bit longer than usual on a Sunday, if you want a tea or coffee or something stronger afterwards.
And as an incentive, although I'm sure one isn't needed (!) I'm organising a raffle for a bottle of prosecco to banish any rainy day thoughts.
Sorry it's a bit short notice. Normal service will resume shortly, along with some other ideas I've got to take our #PlasticFreeRhyl aim forward.
As usual, I can provide equipment and I'll ask you to sign in before we start with a safety briefing.
Hopefully, see you there.
Keith #PlasticFreeCommunities

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